How Does Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Cause Oral Cancer?

Smoking and Chewing tobacco are two of the worst habits a person can pick up. Right from college, people are exposed to these evils and every time they use these products; they become weaker. Additionally, these habits lead to cancer- oral, lung and blood. What Makes Smoking Or Chewing Tobacco Addictive? Chain Smokers usually go

5 Important Things Every Patient Suffering from Breast Cancer Must Know

With the increasing number of breast cancer patients in urban and rural India, there is an increased debate and awareness about the ailment. However, discussions about treatment options available are just one part of the breast cancer. There are other factors also that need attention.  Here are a few basic things to know right at

What is BRCA Testing and Why Is It Important in Ovarian Cancer?

Just like most of the cancers, there is a high level of risk associated with ovarian cancer. However, this cancer is quite unique as a high percentage of patients suffering from ovary cancer have an inherited mutation. For this reason, BRCA testing becomes important for people diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In this post, we will

The Various Types of Breast Cancer Tests and What You Must Know

Breast cancer begins when there is the development of abnormal cells in the body. These cells grow in an uncontrolled manner within the breast tissue. Though the outcome for breast cancer is different for every woman, early detection and timely diagnosis can make major improvements. Your doctor would prescribe you an appropriate test for breast

Is HIPEC Treatment Effective for Mesothelioma Patients?

HIPEC, commonly known as hyperthermic or heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy is the procedure of heating  chemotherapy drugs and supplying them into the abdominal cavity. Often times, HIPEC treatment is combined with cytoreductive surgery. So, whether it is an effective approach to cure peritoneal mesothelioma? The same we will discuss in this post. HIPEC and Cytoreductive surgery

Are Warts on Tongue a Symptom of Oral Cancer? Know the Truth!

Have you recently noticed any fresh-colored bump on your lips? Might be you are thinking that it is a cancerous wart. But does it actually is? Warts are red or blood-colored bumps caused by HPV or Human Papillomavirus. They can appear on any part of the body, including the genital area. The worst part is

10 Alternative Cancer Treatments to Get Relief Fast

Many people suffering from cancer are looking out for alternative ways that can provide them some relief from this deadly ailment. Alternative cancer treatments cannot cure cancer, but they may offer some relief from cancer symptoms and signs.  Common signs like fatigue, nausea, anxiety, pain, stress, vomiting, and difficulty sleeping can be reduced to a

Ovarian Cancer – Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

The ovaries are almond-shaped, small body organs of women located on each side of the uterus. They are responsible for producing eggs.  But just like other parts of the body, even ovaries can get infected by cancer. Ovarian cancer can occur in different areas of the ovary. Usually, this type of cancer begins in the

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Important Signs that You Must Notice

You must have witnessed some people experiencing severe breast cancer symptoms. Probably, one of the reasons for this can be inflammatory breast cancer. If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and experiencing aggressive symptoms, then this can be because of inflammatory breast cancer. In this post, we will bust out an overview of

10 Important Oral Cancer Facts that You Must Know

Oral cancer, scientifically called oropharyngeal cancer occurs when any part of the oral cavity is attacked by deadly cancerous cells. This form of cancer can occur in the lining of the mouth, over and under the tongue, gums, back of throat, tonsils, lips, the roof of the mouth, and behind the wisdom teeth. Almost 90%

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